Nazarbayev University (NU) is a new university in Astana, Kazakhstan, dedicated in June 2010 by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. In establishing this new university, President Nazarbayev seeks to promote a qualitative leap forward in the preparation of the next generation of national technical and scientific elites in order to assist in the industrial-innovative development of the country. The mission of Nazarbayev University is to advance the development of education and research in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to contribute to Astana’s aspiration to become the research and educational center of Eurasia. NU’s vision is to create graduates prepared according to the highest international standards in order to contribute to research, education, and the national economy. Nazarbayev University is the only university in Kazakhstan holding the status of an autonomous organization of education. The university’s managing bodies are the Supreme Board of Trustees, Board of Trustees, Managing Council, Academic Council, and Research Council. The Supreme Board of Trustees is chaired by the President of Kazakhstan.

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Nazarbayev University School of Medicine was formally established in 2014 and will be open to its inaugural class of students in August 2015.