What our partners are saying…

Dr. Akhmadiyar Nurzhamal, MD, PhD, DMSc
UMC, Anaesthesiologist

“Finally, we have a coordinated effort to bring pharmaceutical research to Kazakhstan in an academic healthcare setting.  We are glad that the CCT has begun this initiative to bring together the research expertise at the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine with the clinical expertise at our hospital. This will assist us in providing access to the people of Kazakhstan to the newest drug therapies and stimulate the research capacity in our country.”
Prof. Oshakbayev Kuat, MD, PhD, DMSc
UMC, Therapist

“Our partnership with the CCT is critical to bring pharmaceutical research to Astana.  We are glad that there is, at last, a mechanism to develop clinical research here.  I welcome the opportunity to perform clinical research in our clinics.”
Prof. Bapayeva Gauri, MD, PhD, DMSc
UMC, Obstetrician-gynecologist

 “We welcome pharmaceutical company-sponsored research to our clinics through the leadership of the CCT.  Now we have a means of bringing drug research to our clinics with the CCT providing strong logistical support.  We believe that partnership with the Nazarbayev School of Medicine will be beneficial to our patients and to our development as a research center in obstetrics and gynecology.”