On the 28th July 2017 a team comprising Dr. Francesca Cainelli, Dr. Kulpash Kaliaskarova (Head Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist of the Ministry of Healthcare), Dr. Aiymkul Ashimkhanova, five NUSOM Year 3 medical students, Ms. Aniya Bapysheva (Nurse of the Republican Hepatology and Gastroenterology Coordination Center, UMC), Dr. Roman Vi (Executive Secretary of the International Hepatotransplant Group),  Mr. Sergey Vergun (Tanita Kazakhstan), Mr. Sergey Biryukov (Director of the "AGEP'C" NGO), Dr. Aliya Konysbekova (Gastroenterologist, UMC) and Dr. Yura Prokopenko (Republican Hepatology and Gastroenterology Coordination Center, Astana) tested for viral hepatitis B and C and informed about associated liver diseases 124 volunteers at the Akimat of Esil District of  Astana city. Liver ultrasound and bioelectrical impedance analysis were also done.