Denis Bulanin

Name: Denis Bulanin


Department of Biomedical Sciences

Research interest

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. The immune system, including T cells, plays substantial roles in cancer prevention. T-cells conduct the surveillance of the presence of cancer cells in the body, and contribute to preventing the growth and spread of the cancer. The tumor infiltrating lymphocytes produce a number of chemokines one of which is CCL5. Different chemokines including CCL5 may have tumor suppressive or tumor stimulating effect.

1. Currently, in collaboration with NUSOM colleagues we are interested in evaluation of the effect produced by treatment of several cancer cell lines, using modified CCL5 ligands, on cancer cell proliferation.

2. The receptor of CCL5 ligand called CCR5. It has been shown that this receptor is involved in binding of the toxin complex produced by the bacteria S.aureus. Therefore, we are currently testing whether modified CCL5 ligands that function as CCR5 inhibitors can have an antimicrobial effect against S. aureus infection.

3. In addition I am also interested in evaluation of cancer cell sensitivity to the chemotherapeutic drugs, and gene expression profile changes in response to the drug treatment.