Education programs

MD program

The MD program is a professional doctorate degree which provides the competencies to practice medicine and the foundation to continue postgraduate medical training. It has been designed to be consistent with the model of graduate entry medical education and is competency based. The carefully designed curriculum structure features active and participatory learning, problem and team-based approaches, an early introduction to the patient and to the community and the integration of a rigorous foundation in basic and clinical biomedical sciences with the behavioral and social aspects of medicine. Key subject matter is longitudinally integrated throughout the curriculum, building upon a foundation of prior learning while providing a progressive introduction of new content.

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Master of Public Health program

The multidisciplinary population-based field of public health is the vibrant dynamic science and art of reducing population rates for adverse physical and mental health conditions, diseases and disabilities, reducing disease severity and complications, prolonging life and improving quality of life through research, evaluation, administration, policy and action.  These goals are achieved through organized interventions, programs and policies promoted by informed choices of society, public and private institutions and agencies, multinational and unilateral international organizations, communities and individuals.


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Master of Molecular Medicine (MMM) program

The field of molecular medicine involves the understanding of disease at the molecular level, molecular research techniques and the development of molecular interventions to prevent and treat disease. It is a rapidly advancing, cutting edge field at the forefront of biomedical research. By undertaking the Master in Molecular Medicine (MMM) you will have the opportunity to contribute to scientific knowledge and research with the potential for improving human health, both in Kazakhstan and worldwide.

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Nursing Professional Development program


Nursing Professional Development Program (PDP)

Professional Development Program in Collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center).

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