Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMS) program is specifically designed for those students who are interested in entering our MD program to become a highly qualified physician.

Please be informed that you don’t need to take the MCAT. A student will have the opportunity to progress to our MD program without MCAT. However, acceptance to and completion of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Pre-Medicine) program does not guarantee progression to the MD program. The MD Progression Committee, established at NUSOM, will decide if a student progresses based on the following criteria: interview with the MD Progression Committee, GPA 3.0 or above, professional behavior during BMS program, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, additional documents requested by the MD Progression Committee.

In the first two years, the Medical Sciences program utilizes the undergraduate core curriculum with courses in various areas of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences to broaden academic experience and to help students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for the successful completion of the program. In the first half of the third year, students will take courses in the area of biomedical sciences to prepare them for the advanced courses to be taken in their fourth year of study. In addition, the second half of the third year will be dedicated to a capstone project that will help students develop their research skills by designing a research study in the area of biomedical sciences, conducting experiments and collecting, interpreting, statistically analyzing and presenting the obtained data. The fourth year will be dedicated to more advanced courses that are taught in the first year of medical school. This approach will allow students to obtain knowledge and understanding of complex pathological processes in health and disease.

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