Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (NUSOM) is developing an integrated research program in biomedicine and health, addressing global challenges through innovative and distinctive basic science, translational, and clinical research programs. NUSOM’s vision is to be recognized as a Central Asian and international leader in biomedical research. We have identified focal areas for faculty recruitment that align with NUSOM’s three founding inter-professional departments: Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, and Surgery. NUSOM’s initial task will be to build research capacity in a newly established medical school.

NUSOM works closely with NU’s Center for Life Sciences, whose research priorities are complementary to NUSOM’s research strategy. In addition, the interface with clinicians working in the National Medical Holding hospitals for translation of research findings into clinical application is a key element of NUSOM’s research vision.

NUSOM is actively seeking bright, creative faculty and investigators with an MD or PhD degree who are leaders in their biomedical research field and who balance achievement with a sense of personal discovery and commitment to society. NUSOM offers attractive salary and benefits packages commensurate with background and experience (please click herefor job vacancies).

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