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Faye Foster, PhD
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Faye Foster specialises in teaching psychology, behavioural and social sciences relating to medicine and public health. Immediately prior to coming to NUSOM, she was an Assistant professor in Clinical Psychology at Princess Nourah University in Saudi Arabia.

Previously, she spent five years working at Swansea University, School of Medicine (UK) teaching on the Graduate Entry Programme in Medicine. she taught the Health in Society module, teaching behavioural and social factors in human health and disease, knowledge of the ways in which these factors can be modified, and an appreciation of how personal life experiences influence doctor–patient relationships. Whilst at Swansea School of Medicine, she also taught on the MSc /PgDip/PgCert in Chronic Conditions Management, teaching Health Psychology of Chronic Illness, its research basis, and how it can be effectively incorporated into promotion and maintenance of health, the prevention and treatment of illness, as well as the current health care system to inform policy. And she taught on the BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences and Humanities, teaching an introduction to psychology, health, illness and medicine.

Alongside her teaching experience, she has experience of HE programme leadership and undergraduate development and evaluation, as evidenced by her four year teaching focused post at University Campus Oldham, UK; during which she co-writing three-degree programmes in social and behavioural science and psychology and actively took all three successfully through the lengthy process of validation and accreditation.

Her research career to date has been related to mental health, patient experience and health service evaluation, for example, throughout her 12 year academic career she has held numerous research posts which have included:

Research Associate and Qualitative Research Advisor for the Keele University Hub, West Midlands NIHR Research Design Service (HSRU) at Keele University, UK. Her remit was to deliver high quality projects in partnership with colleagues, the National Health Service (NHS) and other local service providers, designed to be of direct benefit to patients and to inform health care policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Research co-ordinator; Folate Augmentation of Treatment – Evaluation for Depression: a randomised controlled trial (FolATED), she acted as point person for the Swansea study site, overseeing all operational responsibilities and monitoring the trial throughout its duration.

MHRN-C Research fellow for Mental Health Research Network Cymru – MHRN Cymru; who deliver the clinical trials and other well designed studies that matter in the field of mental health, her key objectives were to facilitate the delivery of large-scale research projects that inform policy and practice as it develops.

Senior Research Officer on two Medical Research Council (MRC) funded projects. The first: “Public involvement in suicide prevention: understanding and strengthening public responses to distress (PUBLIS)” and the second project:  “Assessing Barriers and Opportunities for Healthy Lifestyle Interventions in Severe Mental Illness (BLIS)”. She was responsible for the management and logistics of the both projects at the Swansea site coordinating with other project sites.

Together with her research experience and publication history in peer reviewed journals, she also has experience of funding and enterprise activities for example, the total sum awarded since 2010 has been £115’000 (GBP).

She is currently a reviewer for the British Medical Journal (Online).