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Francesca Cainelli, MD
Associate professor
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Research Interest

Epidemiology and treatment of chronic liver diseases; Epidemiology of autoimmune diseases

Selected Publications

In 1986 Dr Milan Terzic completed his MD studies, in 1990 MSc Thesis, in 1992 PhD Thesis, and in 1993 Residency in OBGYN.
Academic Career 
In the period of 06/1995-06/2001 Dr Milan Terzic was a Teaching Assistant, in the period of 06/2001-12/2008 he was an Assistant Professor of OBGYN, in the period of 12/2008-07/2014 he was an Associate Professor of OBGYN, and from 07/2014 he is a Full Professor of OBGYN.
Research interests 
After obtaining MD Diploma the first year was elective. Substantial hard-working in Microbiological and Biochemical Unit and Delivery Ward of OBGYN Department and Institute of Biomedical Investigation and Institute of Medical Statistics, gave him a broad experience in approach to the scientific research in OBGYN. He gained experience in laboratory techniques of RIA, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, ELISA, and FISH. This year was very important for his further career, and resulted in several publications in international journals.
The next two years were devoted to preoperative care of gynecological patients. He performed sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies in those patients, with the result of his MSc Thesis in 1990.
After that, he got an approval for the research project concerning thymus role in human reproduction. In the following five years (1991-1996), he outlined the significance of thymus role in obstetrics and gynecology, and the main results were published in international journals
Almost at the same time, he began a research of non-specific immunologic defense factors during pregnancy and delivery, in different compartments (maternal blood and amniotic fluid during pregnancy), umbilical vein and retroplacental haematoma after delivery, and maternal blood in the early puerperium. Lysozyme and transferrin were found to be the most important nonspecific immunologic factors during pregnancy, and especially after birth. The obtained results were the basis for his PhD Thesis. Also, results evaluating the role of lysozyme and transferrin in perinatal medicine were published in different international journals.
In the following period he evaluated severe forms of fetal haemolytic disease. After that, in 1997 he noticed that fertility drugs/inductors of ovulation, even in therapeutic, not excessive concentrations, can cause ovarian carcinoma. That very rare complication was observed and described in just nine patients worldwide, and published in the leading International Journal.
From December 1997 up to now he has been investigating factors connected with and related to genital neoplasms, as well as important challenging issues in Infertility and Perinatal medicine. The results of these studies were published in leading International Journals.