Luca Vangelista

Luca Vangelista


Department of Biomedical Sciences

Research interest

Dr. Vangelista has knowledge and skills in several biomedical and basic science areas such as biochemistry, molecular, structural and cell biology, biocomputing, microbiology, immunology and virology. His major field of expertise is recombinant protein design, engineering, expression and purification. As PI, he succeeded in obtaining competitive grants from major international agencies (EU, NIH, and NATO) but also national grants (Italian and Kazakh). He authored several international peer review articles, reviews and book chapters, with an H index of 23 (Scopus). He is inventor in 2 patents, reviewer for several international journals and grant agencies and Editor for the World Allergy Organization Journal.

Recent research by Dr. Vangelista dealt with the development of CCL5-based HIV-1 entry inhibitors, IgE as anti-tumor agent and the engineering of commensal bacteria for the in vivo delivery of therapeutic proteins.

Current and future research spans protein engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and microbiology, reflecting the integrated approach adopted to address the development of innovative diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic strategies.

With the design, production and characterization of novel CCL5 derivatives acting as CCR5 antagonists and potent HIV-1 blockers, a new biomedical avenue has been opened. CCR5 is a key receptor for a growing number of infectious and inflammatory diseases. Therefore, potent CCR5 blockers based on CCL5 are now being exploited for a number of pathologies, including but not limited to cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, S. aureus LukED toxin inhibition and of course HIV-1 infection inhibition.