Deputies of the Senate of the Parliament and representatives of the Ministry of Health visited the NU School of Medicine and the Corporate Fund “University Medical Center”


Today, deputies of the Committee for Social and Cultural Development and Science of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, headed by Committee Chairman Nariman Turegaliyev, and representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the School of Medicine of AEO “Nazarbayev University” and the University Medical Center – Corporate Fund “University Medical Center”.

The delegation visited the School of Medicine research and educational infrastructure including the 3D-digital anatomy laboratory, biomedical research facilities and the Simulation Center where students, doctors, nurses, and other specialists study and improve clinical skills on mannequins, simulators, and high-tech equipment under the guidance of professors and specially trained instructors.

Vice President for Medicine – Dean of the NU School of Medicine Dr. Pignatelli emphasized that the main mission of Nazarbayev University School of Medicine is to train highly qualified healthcare professionals in accordance with international standards and transfer its experience to other medical educational institutions in Kazakhstan.

Nazarbayev University Medicine, the integrated research, education, and clinical care model of Nazarbayev University, has developed a comprehensive program of biomedical research in cooperation with CF “UMC”, Center for Life Sciences, and other Schools in the University with the aim of introducing the discoveries of modern fundamental science into the clinical practice of Kazakhstan. This comprehensive biomedical research program, which involves many local and foreign participants, is based on the use of digital technologies, advanced high-level molecular and clinical research, and an interdisciplinary approach.

Also during the meeting, the Executive Director of the Corporate Fund “University Medical Center” Kanybek Ashirov spoke about the transformation of the “UMC” CF into the Academic Medical Center. Today, the first steps towards transformation have been made: the first clinical academic departments have been created, uniting the clinical departments of inpatient and outpatient care in accordance with the profile of medical services, which function based on the trinity, delivering high-quality clinical care, innovative educational programs, and scientific research.

According to the experience of our strategic partner, the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the introduction of an integrated academic system provides a breakthrough in prevention, diagnostics, and treatment by combining the efforts of researchers and doctors, and also contributes to improving the cost-effectiveness of medical care.

The guests emphasized the importance of developing cooperation in the field of dissemination of innovative pedagogical practices to increase the competitiveness of the domestic healthcare system, which will make it possible to consistently retain our talented graduates and enhance the quality of training of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.