Nursing Professional Development Program

Nursing Professional Development Program (PDP)

In Nursing Professional Development program you will learn: 

  • Good study habits, note taking and successful habits of mind to provide you with the tools for success in the program;
  • Fundamentals of science underlying nursing practice. Subjects include anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology and genetics;
  • Fundamental skills for nursing practice. Review of basic skills and their scientific rationale as well as physical assessment;
  • Evidence-based practice. Terminology, concepts, structure of systemic review article and a research article;
  • Professional issues in nursing. Values, ethics, regulations, law, team practice, leadership, communication;
  • Prevention. Healthy lifestyle recommendations, nutrition, patient education, behavioral change strategies;
  • Management of hospitalized patient education, behavioral change strategies;
  • Management of the hospitalized patient. Post-surgical management of chronic conditions;
  • Safety and quality standards, underlying science, monitoring outcomes;
  • Nursing around the world. Scope of practice, education, licensure, health challenges.


Duration of the Program: 

Full-time Course: Seven-week curriculum divided into content-specific modules with a final exam. The total of 220 hours includes lecture and learning activities/

Each day: 6 hours

Part-time Course: Five-month curriculum divided into nine modules and final examination, for a total of 220 hours of lecture and learning activities.

Each day: 2 hours (12:00 pm - 14:00 pm).

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