Bachelor of Medical Sciences
The Bachelor of Medical Science Degree (Pre-Medicine) Program is a full-time, undergraduate program providing professional qualifications after four years of study leading to the Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree.

The Program is specifically designed for those students who are interested in entering our MD program to become highly qualified physicians. It will allow reducing the time for training physicians from 8 to 7 years.

The Program is concentrating on the development of the scientific competencies of students rather than just creating a set of academic courses that are necessary for the completion of the program.

General information

How to apply

Entry requirements

List of documents

Important dates

Selection process and enrollment



General information

Taking into consideration the rapid development of biomedical sciences, it is very important to build a strong scientific foundation for future physicians during their pre-medicine years that will reduce the time necessary for teaching and reviewing knowledge of fundamental science during medical school years, and allow students to spend more time to learn complex and more recently discovered scientific findings. Premedical students should have a solid knowledge of basic biomedical sciences and understand their relation to the physical sciences and mathematics. In addition, considering the importance of human contact to be a good physician, it is crucial that premedical students have knowledge in the area of humanities and social sciences.

A student will have the opportunity to progress to our MD program without MCAT. However, acceptance to and completion of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Pre-Medicine) program does not guarantee progression to the MD program. The MD Progression Committee, established at NUSOM, will decide if a student progresses based on the following criteria: an interview with the MD Progression Committee, GPA of 3.0 or above, professional behavior during the program, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, additional documents requested by the MD Progression Committee.

In the first two years, the Medical Sciences program utilizes the undergraduate core curriculum with courses in various areas of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences to broaden academic experience and to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for successful completion of the program. In the first half of the third year, students will take courses in the area of biomedical sciences to prepare them for the advanced courses to be taken in their fourth year of study. In addition, the second half of the third year will be dedicated to a capstone project that will help students develop their research skills by designing a research study in the area of biomedical sciences, conducting experiments, and collecting, interpreting, statistically analyzing, and presenting the obtained data. The fourth year will be dedicated to more advanced courses that are taught in the first year of medical school. This approach will allow students to obtain knowledge and understanding of complex pathological processes in health and disease.

How to apply

STEP 1. Create your personal account

Register on portal to create a Personal Account. Read the instructions about the application procedure given in your Personal account.

STEP 2. Complete your Application Form and attach the required documents

Fill out the application form and attach the required documents:

  1. Scanned copy of a National ID card or passport;
  2. Scanned copy of secondary school or higher education institution certificate (attestat/diploma) with final academic performance or certificate from the school (spravka) according to the sample in the personal account;
  3. Motivation letter in English;
  4. Valid copies of certificates. The results of standardized tests must be sent directly to the University through test administrators.

STEP 3. Pay an application fee

The application fee is paid online via your personal account with a bank card.

The amount to pay is 5 000 tenge. All application fees are non-refundable.

Step 4. Finish the registration process

Finish the registration process by pressing the “Submit application” button. After submission applicants can’t change their applications.

Step 5. Upload IELTS/TOEFL certificates

Upload IELTS/TOEFL certificates in your personal account in the section "Upload IELTS/TOEFL" and fill up the required information about the certificate.

Further steps

Check your e-mail for notifications from the NU Admissions Department and your personal account to learn about your application status.

If you experience any difficulties with the registration or online application, please contact Refer to your IIN and/or Applicant ID while sending us your requests.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements for SAT/ACT applicants category

IELTS – 6.5 overall (6.0 in each section) or TOEFL iBT – 79 (reading – 13, listening – 12, speaking – 18, writing – 21) or TOEFL PDT* – 574

SAT Reasoning Test** or ACT:
SAT Reasoning Test – 1240 or ACT – 27 composite score

Interview: Required

* TOEFL PDT is admitted only from international applicants from countries where an official IELTS and TOEFL iBT are not available

** The Nazarbayev University applies the Superscoring for SAT and ACT scores

***TOEFL iBT Home Edition is not considered

List of documents to be submitted by the applicants for online registration

List of the applicants’ documents for online application

  • Application form.
  • Scan copy of passport or national ID, or birth certificate for applicants under the age of 16.
  • Scan notarized copy of nationally recognized certificate stating completion of a secondary school or college with transcript or its foreign equivalent, A-level certificate or UK Foundation Programme (if available at the time of documents submission) or a certificate from educational institution according to the sample in personal account of applicant (in case the applicant is a current student of the final year at the time of online application).
  • Scan notarized copy of NIS Grade 12 Certificate or its academic reports with predicted scores acknowledged by the school with obligation to submit the hard copy of the document in due time (only for graduates of NIS Grade 12 Certificate).
  • Scan notarized copy of IB Diploma Programme with transcript or predicted scores acknowledged by the school with obligation to submit the hard copy of the document in due time (only for IB Diploma Programme graduates).
  • Scan copy of Motivation letter in English.
  • Verified score report of valid ACT certificate or verified score report of valid SAT Reasoning certificate downloaded from the test administrator system. ACT and SAT must be valid and passed no more than 3 years ago at the moment of online application. In case the applicant provides several valid SAT Reasoning/ACT certificates, the Superscoring will be applied.
  • Score report of valid (no more than 2 years at the moment of online application) Academic IELTS/TOEFL certificate verified from the test administrator system and scanned copy of the certificate, or a scanned copy of a valid TOEFL PDT certificate.
  • Scan copy of Diploma/Certificate of International and/or Republican Olympiad (only for International/Republic Olympiad winners indicated in Appendix 2 to these Regulations).
  • Scan copy of transcript from the university attended in original language and English or academic reports with predicted scores acknowledged by the university attended (only for transfer students).
  • Scan copy of course description of studied courses/subjects from university attended in both English and original languages (only for transfer students).
  • Provost Two electronic academic reference letters in English (only for transfer students).

List of documents to be submitted by the applicants for online registration for enrollment

1. An original of a nationally recognized certificate stating completion of a secondary school, technical, vocational or post-secondary school.

2. An original of a NIS Grade 12 Certificate or A-level certificate (only for A-level/ NIS Grade 12 Certificate category applicants).

3. An original of an IB Diploma Programme with transcript (only for IB Diploma Programme graduates).

Important dates

Important dates for those who are applying for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Online Application period deadline:

  • For the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan - October 24, 2022 - April 17, 2023, inclusive
  • For applicants of the “NUET applicant” category - October 24, 2022 - December 29, 2022, inclusive
  • For international applicants - October 24, 2022 - March 9, 2023, inclusive

Selection process and enrollment

  • Applications are considered to be complete upon their online submission. All electronic copies of the required documents must be uploaded to “Personal Account”.
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring the receipt of all required documents by the Admissions Department. Application documents are not subject to be returned.
  • Nazarbayev University expects applicants to meet the minimum admission criteria but we do not guarantee admission to any applicant. The NU Admissions Committees make decisions on applicants based on a thorough evaluation of submitted applications, required documents, and test scores.
  • The applicants with the highest-ranking scores are offered admission. Once a decision is made by the Admissions Committee, the Admissions Department will notify the applicants via email. The applicants can check the status of their applications in their NU personal accounts.

Description of the status assigned to the applicant at every competition stage.

Status is placed in the order of assignment to the applicant in the Personal account.

Does not meet the entry requirements. The applicant does not meet the minimum requirements of the program and is put down after checking the application forms and documents by the University's Admission Department.

Withdrawn. The status is assigned to applicants who refused to participate in the competition for the undergraduate program before the decision of the Admissions Committee is released

Recommended for admission. The applicant is recommended for admission by the Admissions Committee and an admission offer will be sent.

Waiting list. The applicant is on the waiting list. They meet the minimum requirements of the program, but due to lower scores, they are at the bottom of the ranking. Such applicants should expect a notification from the University, as there is a chance that offers may be sent if one of the previously recommended applicants refuses to enroll.

Rejected by Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee rejected the applicant after reviewing his/her documents, without placing him/her on the waiting list or after the closing of the competition.

Refused admission offer. The applicant was recommended for admission but refused to study at NU.

Refused in favor of CPS. This status is available to the applicants who applied both to NUFYP and undergraduate programs. The applicant rejected to study in the undergraduate program in favor of the NUFYP. This status is given after the written refusal of the applicant to study at the Undergraduate program or if the applicant was on the waiting list and before receiving the letter of invitation to the Undergraduate program, confirmed his admission to the NUFYP program. In this latter case, the offer letter is not sent.

Guarantee fee paid. The applicant was recommended for enrollment and paid the mandatory guarantee fee.

Accepted admission offer. The status is assigned to applicants who have received letters of invitation to study, agreed to and fulfilled the conditions of the University - paid the guarantee fee, and submitted the original documents for enrollment

Did not come to Orientation week/Refused. This status is given to applicants who have agreed to study, submitted the original documents, but did not participate in the Orientation Week of the School. Applicants from the waiting list can be invited to the established vacant seats, if available.

Enrolled. The applicant is enrolled, and the status is assigned after the decision of the Provost on enrollment, which designates that the applicant officially becomes a student of the University.

Enrolled conditionally. The applicant is enrolled with a condition to submitting the original the attestat before the specified deadline.

Did not submit the documents/refused. The applicant did not provide the originals of the documents within the specified period. This means that the applicant refuses to study at the University.

  • The applicants offered admission are required to formally accept or decline the University's offer to study by sending the completed Enrollment Form. This will be available upon the acceptance of the admission offer you will need to pay an Enrollment Deposit, refunded only upon signing the Contract on Rendering Education Services with the University after matriculation.
  • All hard copies of the required documents must be delivered to the Admissions Department by the established deadline.


Year 1: Semester 1 (Fall Term)

Year 1: Semester 2 (Spring Term)

Year 2: Semester 1 (Fall Term)

Year 2: Semester 2 (Spring Term)

Year 3: Semester 1 (Fall Term)

Year 3: Semester 2 (Spring Term)

Year 4: Semester 1 (Fall Term)

Year 4: Semester 2 (Spring Term)


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