Bachelor in Nursing
The Bachelor in Nursing (BN) Program is a full-time, undergraduate course of study providing professional qualification after two years (four semesters) of study, leading to the completion of the academic degree of “Bachelor in Nursing.” Eligible nurses who meet admission criteria and successfully complete this program will have conferred upon them a Bachelor in Nursing academic degree.

This undergraduate program for practising nurses builds on nursing education and skills that nurses have obtained through prior education and work experiences in nursing and healthcare fields. A more in-depth focus on nursing assessment of patients and communities; health promotion and disease prevention; patient, family, and community education; the use of evidence-based research to guide nursing practice, policies, and projects; and collaboration on group projects will be used to obtain the BN program learning outcomes.

General information

Campus: Astana, Kazakhstan, NUSOM building

Language: Russian

Delivery mode: Full-time, on-campus

Duration: 2 years

Total ECTS credit: 240

NUSOM has crafted a curriculum that focuses on the nursing assessment of patients and communities, health promotion and disease prevention, and patient, family, and community education.

While other programs focus on theoretical coursework rather than practical competencies, our Bachelor in Nursing program incorporates our students’ professional nursing experience to create laboratory simulations designed to enhance patient care.

NUSOM utilizes evidence-based research to guide nursing practices, and in collaborative group projects, students demonstrate their mastery of the program learning outcomes.

To gain admission to this program, applicants must be nurses who meet NUSOM’s extensive application requirements.

Upon completion of this program, nurses are qualified to enter a variety of careers:

  • Healthcare – Graduates can enter the healthcare field in areas of public health and community health hospitals and clinics.
  • Education Advancement – Graduates of our program can choose to continue their education in one of our master's programs that lead to opportunities in teaching and positions in governmental and non-governmental agencies.

How to apply

STEP 1. Create your personal account

Register on portal to create a Personal Account. Read the instructions about the application procedure given in your Personal account.

STEP 2. Complete your Application Form and attach the required documents

Fill out the application form and attach the required documents:

  1. Scanned copy of a National ID card or passport;
  2. Scanned copy of secondary school or higher education institution certificate (attestat/diploma) with final academic performance or certificate from the school (spravka) according to the sample in the personal account;
  3. Motivation letter in English;
  4. Valid copies of certificates. The results of standardized tests must be sent directly to the University through test administrators.

STEP 3. Pay an application fee

The application fee is paid online via your personal account with a bank card.

The amount to pay is 5 000 tenge. All application fees are non-refundable.

Step 4. Finish the registration process

Finish the registration process by pressing the “Submit application” button. After submission applicants can’t change their applications.

Step 5. Upload IELTS/TOEFL certificates

Upload IELTS/TOEFL certificates in your personal account in the section "Upload IELTS/TOEFL" and fill up the required information about the certificate.

Further steps

Check your e-mail for notifications from the NU Admissions Department and your personal account to learn about your application status.

If you experience any difficulties with the registration or online application, please contact Refer to your IIN and/or Applicant ID while sending us your requests.

Entry requirements

Minimum requirements for graduates or students of the final year of secondary school, colleges, UK Foundation program and graduates of A-level program

Minimum requirements for IELTS or TOEFL:
IELTS – no less than 6.5 overall (with at least 6.0 in each sub-score) or TOEFL IBT – 79-93 (Reading – no less than 13, Listening – no less than 12, Speaking – no less than 18, Writing – no less than 21)or TOEFL PBT* – 574-599

Minimum requirements for SAT Reasoning Test и ACT:
SAT Reasoning Test – no less than 1240. Essay is required, no minimum score OR ACT – composite score no less than 27. Writing part is required, no minimum score

* TOEFL PBT is admitted only from the international applicants from the countries where an official IELTS and TOEFL IBT are not available

** Applicants of the School of Medicine will be interviewed by the Admissions Committee members

List of documents to be submitted by the applicants

List of documents for online application for Admission to Bachelor of Nursing program of the School of Medicine of the autonomous organization of education Nazarbayev University

1. Complete application form for BN program.

2. Scan copy of Passport/national ID.

3. Scan notarized copy of nursing diploma or equivalent with transcripts or equivalent verified digital copies of transcripts.

4. Scan notarized copy of post diploma training or equivalent.

5. Scan notarized copy of certificate of employment or other equivalent document.

6. Valid certificate of specialist in nursing (electronic).

7. Two (2) letters of recommendation in English language (electronic).

8. Personal statement (400-800 words) in English language (electronic).

Important dates

Important dates for those who are applying for the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Online Application period deadline: January 16, 2023 - April 28, 2023

Selection process and enrollment

  • Applications are considered to be complete upon their online submission. All electronic copies of the required documents must be uploaded to “Personal Account”.
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring the receipt of all required documents by the Admissions Department. Application documents are not subject to be returned.
  • Nazarbayev University expects applicants to meet the minimum admission criteria but we do not guarantee admission to any applicant. The NU Admissions Committees make decisions on applicants based on a thorough evaluation of submitted applications, required documents, and test scores.
  • The applicants with the highest-ranking scores are offered admission. Once a decision is made by the Admissions Committee, the Admissions Department will notify the applicants via email. The applicants can check the status of their applications in their NU personal accounts.

Description of the status assigned to the applicant at every competition stage.

Status is placed in the order of assignment to the applicant in the Personal account.

Does not meet the entry requirements. The applicant does not meet the minimum requirements of the program and is put down after checking the application forms and documents by the University's Admission Department.

Withdrawn. The status is assigned to applicants who refused to participate in the competition for the undergraduate program before the decision of the Admissions Committee is released

Recommended for admission. The applicant is recommended for admission by the Admissions Committee and an admission offer will be sent.

Waiting list. The applicant is on the waiting list. They meet the minimum requirements of the program, but due to lower scores, they are at the bottom of the ranking. Such applicants should expect a notification from the University, as there is a chance that offers may be sent if one of the previously recommended applicants refuses to enroll.

Rejected by Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee rejected the applicant after reviewing his/her documents, without placing him/her on the waiting list or after the closing of the competition.

Refused admission offer. The applicant was recommended for admission but refused to study at NU.

Refused in favor of CPS. This status is available to the applicants who applied both to NUFYP and undergraduate programs. The applicant rejected to study in the undergraduate program in favor of the NUFYP. This status is given after the written refusal of the applicant to study at the Undergraduate program or if the applicant was on the waiting list and before receiving the letter of invitation to the Undergraduate program, confirmed his admission to the NUFYP program. In this latter case, the offer letter is not sent.

Guarantee fee paid. The applicant was recommended for enrollment and paid the mandatory guarantee fee.

Accepted admission offer. The status is assigned to applicants who have received letters of invitation to study, agreed to and fulfilled the conditions of the University - paid the guarantee fee, and submitted the original documents for enrollment

Did not come to Orientation week/Refused. This status is given to applicants who have agreed to study, submitted the original documents, but did not participate in the Orientation Week of the School. Applicants from the waiting list can be invited to the established vacant seats, if available.

Enrolled. The applicant is enrolled, and the status is assigned after the decision of the Provost on enrollment, which designates that the applicant officially becomes a student of the University.

Enrolled conditionally. The applicant is enrolled with a condition to submitting the original the attestat before the specified deadline.

Did not submit the documents/refused. The applicant did not provide the originals of the documents within the specified period. This means that the applicant refuses to study at the University.

  • The applicants offered admission are required to formally accept or decline the University's offer to study by sending the completed Enrollment Form. This will be available upon the acceptance of the admission offer you will need to pay an Enrollment Deposit, refunded only upon signing the Contract on Rendering Education Services with the University after matriculation.
  • All hard copies of the required documents must be delivered to the Admissions Department by the established deadline.
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