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Career at NU School of Medicine

The process of selection and hiring of employees of Nazarbayev University School of Medicine is based on the principles of transparency, objectivity, and independence.

One of the key principles is the principle of equal opportunities – non-admission of any discrimination depending on gender, age, physical abilities, race, nationality, property, social and official position, place of residence, religion, political beliefs, belonging to the genus or class and public associations.

Our principles and values
  • Integrity of teaching, research, administration and student life
  • Professionalism, ethical principles for students, teachers and researchers
  • Merit based institution open to all talented and bright students, faculty and researchers
  • Transparency and openness public accessibility to all aspects of university operations
  • Equal opportunity regardless of race, religion, gender or economic status
  • Embracing diversity integrated into every aspect of education, research and community

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