PhD in Global Health



  • Global health is the health of populations in the global context
  • Global health is the area of study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health for all people worldwide.
  • Global health employs several perspectives that focus on the determinants and distribution of health in international contexts.

Global Health has become critical both in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and internationally. Global Health is an expanded field of study, practice, and scientific development that addresses the root causes of disease that address the broad determinants of health with population-based efforts. In recent years, the role of Global Health professionals has evolved in response to the needs of an interconnected world and to respond to complex societal needs.

Global Health problems will require in the next years an increasing number of professionals that coming from multiple disciplines enlarge their world view and expand their skills and competencies.

Ph.D. graduates in Global Health will be in the ideal position to bridge the gap between the production of knowledge and its application in decision-making and eventually improve health and achieve equity in health in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and worldwide.

The mission of the Ph.D. Program in Global Health is to train the next generation of global health researchers and to prepare them to provide leadership in the field. Our graduates will pursue research careers in top-tier universities, research and policy-making organizations, the healthcare industry, international institutions, and non-government organizations.

Structure of the program

  • Thesis (180): Focal point – Practical research (75%)
  • Courses (60)

○  Foundations of GH: Major GH problems

○  Health Policy and Systems Perspectives on GH: evidence and actors

○  GH into Action: design, implement, manage, and evaluate GH programs and initiatives

  Methods in GH Research: generate hypotheses, research objectives, propose appropriate methodologies

○  Advanced Methods in GH Research: develop scientific proposals, identify key findings, put results into context with scientific knowledge

○  Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature: publications

  NUSOM Seminar in Global Health: research projects presentations

○  Writing for biomedical sciences (PhDBS)

○  Electives


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